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Magic Show for
9-13 Year Olds

Vic presents an interactive magic show specifically designed for this unique age group. From crazy effects where the magic happens in their hands, to amazing sleight-of- hand magic with playing cards...this is as close as they'll get to experiencing magic similar to Street Magic they've seen on TV.

This show can be performed at your home or at a venue. Vic just needs a small area to perform with the children seated on chairs in front of him.
* Indoors or Outdoors
* English or Afrikaans
* No agents Commission
* No hidden fees
Vic's Magic Show guarantees an awesome and unforgettable experience.

(If you're looking for a stage show for a large group of children - like primary schools or Family Days - please click on "Vic's Magic Shows & Videos" in the menu, then select "Fairy dust")

This short video will give you an idea of the show:


Contact Vic to make your next event or child's party magical!