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Please contact Vic if you'd like to purchase one or more of these items:

Miracle Cards

The magician shows that all the cards in a pack are different. A spectator selects a card which is then placed back in the pack. Suddenly all the cards change into the spectator's card!
Price: R80

Three Card Monte

A spectator is asked to remember which card is in the centre of a fan of three cards. The three cards are turned face-down. When the spectator removes the centre card and turns it face-up, it appears to have magically changed into another card!
Price: R40 

Equal-Unequal Ropes

The magician shows three ropes to be different lengths. He magically stretches the ropes until they're the same length! The ropes can be examined before and after by the audience.
Price: R60


Magic Wand

A real magician's wand with instructions for four tricks that your child will be able to do with the wand.
Price: R40